laLG.jpgMade in Louisiana

From hot sauce to jewelry, there are lots of products made in Louisiana. You probably know that TABASCO sauce is made in Louisiana, but do you know about the other products? Electronic Arts is one of the biggest computer game companies in the world. They're created right here in Baton Rouge!

Our class will build a virtual store with information about some of these products. You'll find links to the stores on the left.

Your Mission

Share a Product. First, you will describe a product made in Louisiana.
  • You must include information about the history of the company and the product. Also, find out where it's made.
  • You must provide at least two visuals associated with this product. For instance, you might draw a picture of a person using the product or include a photograph of the product. If you use an image from the web, be sure to provide credit and a link.
  • You must link to at least one other product in your store. For instance, if you're writing about shrimp, you might link to the hot sauce page. Or, is you're linking to a boat page, you might link to a boat trailer page.
  • You must cite at least three sources used to learn about the product.

When you're ready to write about your product, go to your store and find your product.

Visit a Store. Make a virtual visit to another store (class) and comment on one of the products using the DISCUSSION tab. You might provide a suggested link, fact about the product, review of the product, or other ideas.

Extension. If you have time, create additional pages for other products. Write about a fictional character using these products during a day.

For the Teacher

Developed by Annette Lamb and the teachers at St. James Episcopal Day School.